Audio Editor

Edit & enhance in a few clicks

Podcastle's Audio Editor is a simple-to-use digital audio workstation that lets podcasters easily edit and enhance their content.
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Split and Cut Your Audio

  • Split the audio file into two, three, four or more parts.
  • Cut by selecting the time range or the exact duration
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Fade In/Out

Fade In & Fade Out

Give your audience smoother and professional sounding transitions between the different segments of your show with easy to add fade-ins and fade-outs

Change the speed of any audio file or podcast

  • Speed up or slow down your audio
  • Make your speech more comprehensible
  • Slow down the music or speed it up
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Audio Trimming

​​Trim all your audio files with ease

Trimming is an essential step in the post-production process of podcasts and audio
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Sound effects and music

Top-quality royalty-free music and sound effects

Forget about dull music tracks and generic sound effects. We’ve got the right sounds and tunes for you!
Kids Laughing
Explosions and Fire
Tiger Purrrrr
Hail Thunder & Rain
Applause & Cheer

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