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All You Need For a Successful Podcast

Record, edit, conduct interviews and enhance your audio all from one place. Packed with AI-powered features, we give you everything you need to easily create your podcast and have fun while you’re on it.
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How to create a podcast?

Record your audio
Go to your Podcastle page and hit Record. If you already have your podcast recorded somewhere else, drag and drop your audio file to our editing dashboard.
Edit and enhance your recording
Make changes to your recording using our intuitive editing dashboard. Add sound effects, music tracks, or even AI voice-skins to make your podcast more fun.
Export your file
Export your final audio file in your preferred audio format and publish it to your preferred podcast directories!  

How to create a podcast

Create a Podcast

Your Ultimate Podcast Solution

Why not record high-quality audio when it's so easy and accessible. Our solutions are designed with thousands of creators in mind. We make your experience with Podcastle easy and smooth so that you can focus on the creative aspect, leaving the technicalities to us.


Change the speed of any audio file or podcast

  • Podcastle is an AI-powered, collaborative audio creation platform
  • We help professional and amateur podcasters create, edit and distribute production-quality podcasts effortlessly
  • Our mission is to democratize access to broadcast storytelling
  • We offer a range of easy-to-use tools that are professional, yet fun

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start a podcast?
If you already have the podcast idea, you're halfway there! Just enter Podcastle, and start recording your podcast. Once finished with the recording, edit and enhance it on our platform. That's it! Your file is ready to be exported.
What is the best way for podcast monetization?
You can use podcast advertising by integrating the traditional sponsorship or referral sponsorship.
What are the most famous podcast types?
The four main podcast formats are the solo-podcast, interview-podcast, co-hosted show, and panel podcast.
What are some powerful podcast analytics tools?
We suggest trying Blubrry, Transistor, and Castos.
Can I record a podcast on my iPhone?
Absolutely! Just download the Podcastle app and start creating on the go.

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